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hey my name is jessica.i am such a twilight fan. im obsessed with it i read all the books like 6 times each thats how much i like them... well i dont like them i love them!. i am a very athletic person i do dance, volleyball, track and soccer. im thinking about doing softball. i am a very leanent person meaing i will basically do anything.. well almost anything. i am team jacob for twilight. i also like reading and writing. i read alot though . well thats about everything. and twilight was a amazing movie but new moon will be the amazingest movie ever lmao0o0.

<3333 jessica
1) When was the last time you brushed your teeth?
3 hours ago

2) When was the last time you said "I love you," to someone other than your family?

3) Why am I doing this?!
cause im bored

4) Do you like animals?
Yes  of course

5) Do you play any instruments?
quitar and piano

7) Do you like dA?

8) What hobbies do you have?
volleyball, track, dance, soccer

9) Who on dA do you know in real life?
3 or 4

10) Do you use the chatrooms?

11) Are you a girl or a boy?

12) Would you consider yourself crazy?
yeahh duh!!!

13) When is your bedtime?
whenever i feel tired

14) List 10 random things about yourself Let's make it 10 random quotes from today. It's more fun that way.
1 "im bored"
2. "balhh"
3. "what song should I listen to"
4. "I don't feel like getting up..."
5. "why?"
6. "shut up"
7. "ya know what?"
8. "see ya laterrzz"
9. "do i have to right now?"
10. "yayayayay!!!"

15) Ask for a request picture
i dont feel like it, lol
  • Listening to: my thoughts
  • Reading: dark secrets (good book)
  • Watching: nothing at the moment
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: rice krispie treat
  • Drinking: water

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You suck at art and life, you retard Twifag.
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Jacob Black: The only thing I like about Twilight. Everything else about it sucks. (vampire pun not intended)
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give me back myavatar i hate twilight
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GIMME BACK MY AVATAR!!! YOU FILTHY SNOB! I DON`T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT TWILIGHT!!! I`m NOT a fan of sparkly eddie, doggie-poo jacob or li`l miss mary sue!!!
SO, GIVE ME BACK MY AVATAR!!! right now!
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and so the lion fell in love with the lamb--Edward Cullen, Twilight
see, twilighters can be normal too.
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